Thursday, March 11, 2010

Vote For This Blog!!!

OMG! OMG! OMG!!!!!! I am SO excited! This blog has been approved to be held in the running for Hunger Games Top Fansites!!!!(well,blog in our case.) YES!!! Oh Yeah! So please vote you guys, I need ALL of you to vote as many times as possible! PLEASE!!
I think we have a good chance of winning. Yes, we did get a late start but hey were up against an Italian blog(that kinda limits the audience) and another "newspaper" blog. I think we DEFINITELY have a chance of winning. IF YOU will help me out.  
All you guys have to do is click the voting link which is right above the Cbox(do you guys like it?). The link will then take you to the voting site where you simply click Vote! You don't even need to sign in or anything! SO PLEASE EVERY time you come and visit this blog PLEASE just click the link, vote, then come back to this site. Simple. If you have ANY questions feel free to email me anytime. My email address is located on the right side of this blog under the Cbox! 
Thanks for reading and don't forget to comment, vote for what post you want, and to VOTE FOR THIS BLOG!

May the odds EVER be in your favor!


foxfaced♥ said...

Heyy, foxfaced here, I love the hunger games so much. Peeta is a dream boy, while gale holds that mysterious draw.can't wait for the third in the book, it's truly an amazing series!

kristen herzberg said...

heyy, i love the hunger games i got so into it! i didn't know it was a series though ha now im excited.

R! said...

Thnx for commenting foxfaced and kristen! i can't wait for Mockingjay either!

Milka said...

Cool blog, thanks for getting me informed about this blog. I will definitely go and vote for you. :)

Natalie said...

either i'm just stupid or the voting website is stupid, but i found your blog and tried to vote on it, and i cant figure out how to vote. everywhere i click on it, it takes me to your blog. how do you do it?

R! said...

thank you! i need ur help! :)
oh natalie i'm sorry! um you just have to click the pic of the mockingjay and it takes you directly to the voting area.
but thanks for trying so hard! i appreciate it!