Wednesday, March 3, 2010

ANOUNCEMENT! ANNOUNCEMENT! I Have An Announcement!!!! :)

Now that I have your attention I am just letting you guys know that the handicapped code required section of commenting had now been removed!!!

So you followers have NO EXCUSE!!!! Note: I suggest you proofread your comment BEFORE you publish it.
Ok that's all for now. Don't worry I'm working on a post(well like 4 actually). I'm just sayin that you have NO REASON to NOT comment. So...COMMENT!!
Note: This might lead to more comments being deleted, but only if they are rude, inappropriate or mean. Random comments are perfectly acceptable.
I'll be back soon!

May the odds EVER be in your favor!


Randomness said...

YES! First comment! I feel so special!

Jupiter said...

Hello, R!! 147 days, 10 hrs, 4 mins. and 30 secs. left!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shantz said...

wow. I didn't know you could do that.

IIVU said...

yeeey! i hate word verifications.