Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Catching Fire Trailer

I love trailers and guess what? I found you another one!
Now for those of you who are confused as to what in the world that title meant, lemme explain. If your like me you're thinking: "What in the world? The Hunger Games movie hasn't even come out yet and they already have the trailer for Catching Fire? What the...?" Now, if your not like me, then that sentence meant absolutely nothing to you. Too bad. :P
Hmm...Instead of ME just clarifying, how about YOU go ahead and watch it? Good idea, right? Right! Enjoy and don't forget to comment! (Hey Megan, this video is NOT from YouTube! Hooray!:) )

Pretty cool right? Ok, ok. It isn't the movie trailer or anything but you must admit it was a pretty sweet BOOK trailer! right? Complete genius! Let me know what you thought! 
And keep working on those theories! :) Let me know what you have at:

May the odds EVER be in your favor!


Shantz said...

well my theorie was pretty much the same as jupiters i just thought that peeta would die protecting katniss. Oh and about the post on my blog, who wouldn't want to come here?

IIVU said...

now its time for.... RANDOM QUESTIONS WITH IIVU! this one is for R!. R!, do you like cheese, and if not, what the heck is wrong with your taste buds? oh, yes, it was a nice book trailer. i am writting a story called emotionless, it is about a girl who finds out these dreams she has are real, they are based off some real dreams i have had. 9 in total. go to my blog to read my nine dreams of Sora!!!!

Maxxellion said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Josh Hafen said...

You know, that is the same message R! sent me. At

R! said...

Aww snap! I'm sorry Maxxelion! I accidentally deleted ur comment! darn. I was trying to delete the comment that said you deleted a comment and i clickd ur wrong comment! sorry. Umm but i did c it and will be happy 2 follow ur blog! I'm REALLY sorry but you can post ur comment again if it isn't too much trouble. I can feature ur blog HERE if you want.(well, not xactly HERE in the comment section but in a post I will be happy to)Just let me kno when you have a Hunger Games related post by emailing me(my email can be found when you view my profile)and I will feature ur blog in a post! this goes for EVERYONE!!!
If you send in a theory i can also feature ur blog along with ur theory IF u don't want/can't put up Hunger Games post.

R! said...

Maxxelion: What was in the comment u deleted? Email me the answer.
IIVU: yes i do lik cheese. (SOME kinds of cheese. i hate others kinds)it all depends.
Josh: Yupp!
I LUV how everyone's featuring their blog here! ahahahahahaha!!! I will look at ALL of them, and comment! :)
Note: Your featuring would be more effective in a post. Just sayin. So send me some theories or links to ur Hunger Games post!

Lionheart said...

Oh, man. I really thought it was going to be a movie trailer! Shame on you, lol.

R! said...

Lionheart: I am so sorry! I didn't mean to dissapoint. That was just the name of it. I was surprised too. sorry. :(

Maxxellion said...

XD It's ok! Here's my blog! Warning its still really random

IIVU said...

i <3 random blogs!!!!!!