Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Blog Update 1#

Just a quick blog update! 
1. I am now on FACEBOOK! As you can see to my(and your) right. Click it and it'll take you to my profile. Just mention that you found me at this blog and I'll add you as a friend! I promise! ;) I tried to find as many of my followers as possible but alas! I only found two! Yeah, that's kinda sad. I think it will be easier to just have you guys send requests. Shout-out: Thank you Annie Dronet for using the same profile pic for Blogger and Facebook! That helped! I sent you a request! :D
2. I have entered another HG Toplist! It's located in the same area as the first. Don't worry! It's just as fast to vote as the first! ;) Please try to do both once a day. Also rate and review this site!
3. The post poll. We now have 3 candidates!
1.(previously 4#) Forest vs. Clock. A closer look and comparison of the 74th and 75th games arena.
2.(previously 3#)  Camouflage vs. wood savvy (Peeta's weapon vs. Katniss')
3.(previously 5#) The fashion and style of the Capitol and how the Hunger Games effected it. Dress like a Capitolist! (This could be VERY interesting!) :D
Written in order of votes.
Review the choices and enter your vote! Either through comments, cbox, or email! Would it be easier if I just made a poll? Would you vote then? Let me know! :)
4. I need your help! I would LOVE to feature your Hunger Games work! If you write, draw, make videos, sing, play piano, have theories, or anything else that is HG related, LET ME KNOW!
OMG. How could I have forgotten? A mega shout-out to whoever left that review on the HG Toplists! Thank you SO MUCH!
That's all for now! Thanks for reading!

May the odds EVER be in your favor!


Randomness said...

Your welcome! But anyway...I vote #3

Annie Dronet said...

haha Thanks for the rquestXD lol your blogz pretty cool!:D

Josh Hafen said...

K. Hey, R!, do you want to join those fourms?

Ben said...

I've finished creating your forum. Once you have created an account, I will give you the ability to add news items and such-not. I found a free host that will host your forums for you, so you don't have to worry about paying anything. You can find your forums here:

Rochelle Blue said...

thanks for the facebook request... how did you know it was me :O?