Sunday, March 7, 2010

Mockingjay Countdown Part 2! Oh Yeah!

Hi! SO excited ONLY 169 (goodbye 70's hello 60's!) days until Mockingjay! AHHHHHHH!!!I can't wait! I need it! AHHHHH!!!! :) Don't you feel the same? (May be not to THAT extreme but close?) ;) I know you do! Admit it!
What do you think of the new font? Pick it or kick it.
Hey, what did you guys think of my random playlist? Any suggestions? What are your favorite songs and artists?
You can EMAIL ME your answers IF you don't want to say OR if it's a super long list. ;) I'm open to ANY suggestions so...hit me up! Thnx for reading!

May the odds EVER be in your favor!


Shantz said...

I must get mockingjay or I will explode that happens sometimes if I'm to excited.

Shantz said...

Just kidding. but i really do want it. :)

R! said...

I do too! ugh! SO BAD!!! I REALLY CANNOT WAIT! >:|

Buttons said...

Okay 74 followers! Not fair! I still only have 8! Insert pouting face here:

Melanie♥♥♥ said...

Buttons- Sux dosnt it? i only have like 3 ppl on my blog. :(
I CANT WAIT UNTIL MOCKINGJAY EITHER!!!!! I used to think it was called the victors...
I loved the random playlists
Here are some of my fav artists-
Taylor Swift
Jason Derulo (pref song-IN my head)
Justin Bieber
And more but i just cant remember them right now...:P
check out my blog ppl
if u want of course

Melanie♥♥♥ said...

R- can u tell us poor souls how ur site got so popular? if possible could u give us some tips?

Wannabe Blogger said...

Hey,my name is Clara and you left me a comment on my blog asking me to check out yours! I really love the Hunger Games myself,it's my favourite book of all time and I'm spreading the word you'll be pleased to know! I also see you like Paramore,I do too.I think you would enjoy my blog and I ask you you to follow me.You know where to find me!
May the be EVER in your favour! (AS you say!)

Cat said...

great mockingjay countdown! the other font u had was easier to read.. do u have any idea if spoilers are out and about yet? (if your not a spoiler person sorry, i am!)

Jupiter said...

Is there gonna be a release party in NYC? My fav songs: Follow Me Down, and White houses.

IIVU said...

now its a hundred sixty EIGHT