Saturday, March 13, 2010

HG News Flash 1#

Ok, this is a quick news flash for you guys so you can stay updated with all the latest HG news! Let's see...Nina Jacobson will be the producer for the Hunger Game movie she is working in close contact along with Suzanne Collins! (Now THAT would be awesome!) *sigh* Here's a quick interview with her. Nina Jacobson not Suzanne Collins. darn!
 AHHHHHHH!! (Note: the ole dentist kind of open-your-mouth-and-say-ah kind NOT the AHH! there's-a-monster-under-my-bed! kind of ah! *clearing throat* As we were:
AHHH! A random pic of Lionsgate(i don't know why). Thank you! Lionsgate for being smart enough to make Hunger Games into a movie BEFORE Disney tried to snap it up and jack it up with their "disneyfying". I love you for it!
Disclaimer: I do NOT hate Disney. I do not dislike Disney or anyone associated with Disney because they're associated with Disney. I just HATE the idea of them "disneyfying" The Hunger Games movie. don't you?
Ok, now here's the interview:
[When]Asked about sci-fi action film The Hunger Games, Jacobson said, “The author (Suzanne Collins) is adapting it herself and she is writing away as we speak so I’m very excited about that.”
There’s no director or cast on board for that film yet. “We’ve had a lot of interest from directors,” she said. “Kind of an embarrassment of riches in terms of tons of directors who have called about it, but we didn’t want to attach anybody until we had a script and knew we were making the movie so that we didn’t end up having somebody get attached and then take something else and then not know what to do about staying with them or not. So we are waiting until we have our script before we go to directors, but there’s been some interest from great people.”
Lionsgate is targeting a 2011 release for the film. “[The studio] has been incredibly gonzo about having the movie. We’re getting the script in and our goal is we hope to attach a director late spring and make the movie in the fall for release anytime fall ‘11 or later. But that’s if everything goes perfectly on the script. If we take more time on the script, we’ll just go a little bit later. But our hope is to be making this movie in the fall,” she explained.
Hooray! Suzanne Collins is hard at work for us! Oh yeah! I can't wait! Fall of 2011! Oh YEAH!!!! OH YEAH!!! I can't wait! ALL this amazing Hunger Games stuff coming out! HG overload! HG overload! That's SO a good thing! More soon! Thanks for reading!

May the odds EVER be in your favor!


Randomness said...

HaHa first comment! Anyway...I'm anxious to see how they make the movie...I mean, it is a bunch of kids killing each other....

R! said...

yh me too. I can't wait! :) Note: it's a little more then that.....

Randomness said...

Yeah totally! Way more than that! But I still wonder how it's all gonna work out on screen...But I still can't wait!

Coco Love said...

excited for the movie but i hope they don't kill the book lol ... hope the cast is good
awesome blog btw xxxx

fan fic said...

I'm really glad she'll be part of it..thats so important. Good to see you have a passion for this fan fic.

Priya said...

Exciting! I'm really glad that Suzanne Collins is so involved with the movie.

R! said...

so am I! i hope it stays semi true to the book! :) X

jennykate77 said...

I LOVED it when I heard that Suzanne is writing the script. That is just the best thing ever! It means that the movie will stay true to the book, which is AMAZING!!! I can't wait!