Thursday, March 25, 2010

Blog Update 2#......and some other things

Hello and welcome to blog update 2#!
Hmm, so much has been happening! First, we WERE the number 1 HG blog. We're still battling for that position so keep the votes coming! We are in close second!
Also, we have a few new followers! Welcome! :D
About the whole Mockingjay postponed release easy, I have NOT found any other indicators that this is true so I think we can all breathe again! 
Umm, none of you guys liked the video?! Are you kidding me?! It was GREAT! Why didn't you like it? :P
Food for thought.
On Facebook: There is a Are You Hungry For The Hunger Games?! group. (Just bringing the goodness wherever I go!) lol! Also, a new HG Roleplaying group! Yeah, it's pretty awesome! If you don't have facebook you should definitely consider it...
BTW, thanks for voting! and for those who haven't yet only 5 days left so get your votes in!
That's all for now! I'll be back with more news soon!

May the odds EVER be in your favor!

P.S. If you guys have ANY HG movie casting ideas let me know! I'm working on a post so anything will help! 


wolfie 402 said...

Wow. You're blog is amazing. Cool background.

Josh Hafen said...

Hey, R!, Ben finished the Hunger Games fourms. But remeber, you can join ours at

Donovan said...

Hey, u commented on my blogto come check hrs put and so I have:) I had to say, I live the hunger games & had bin looking for the second book forever! I didn't kno they were making a movie? That's AMAZING!!!! Can u tell me if they have an idea when it'll be in theaters? & thanx for tellin me about ur blog!

pirate-vampire!! [: said...

What? People didn't like Dani's video? OMG, where is the justice in this world? That was amazing. I've subscribed to her a few weeks ago. (: I SERIOUSLY LOVE her HG fanmade trailer with The Drumming Song by Florence + The Machine was the music. That was epic.