Saturday, March 27, 2010

Blog Update #3 (Big #!)

100 followers! YAY! My dream has finally been realized! Wow, 100. I can't believe it! :D :D
Ok, so it's really late for me some I'm gonna throw together a celebratory playlist put it up and go to bed! lol!
Well here it is! I considered doing 100 songs but thought: 'Yeah right, like who's even going to listen to all of that?' So I stuck with 20. I hope you like them! A huge thanks to all my followers who left suggestions. I loved them all! I added them so I hope you hear your favs!


Well, what did you think? Tell me any suggestions you might have! Good morning, thanks for supporting me and:

May the odds EVER be in your favor!


IIVU-chan said...

just a month or so, those followers will be 150. :D

Randomness said...

Yes.....and I'll have 10..... :(

fan fic said...

any suggestions who'll be Peeta? I'm wanting the actor who plays Declan on degrassi or of course..Kyle Gallner.

R! said...

:D i have like a LONG list of candidates. don't worry! you'll get to see them all!

missline said...

I really like this playlist... you have really good choices! Personally, I think Peeta should be William Moseley...I think he can act very well, but maybe that's just because I'm basically in love with him. Haha. HG is going to be such a good movie!