Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Fiftieth Hunger Games-Haymitch's Games Part 2

Hello Everyone! Welcome to Part 2 of the Fiftieth Hunger Games! :) (I know, I know, it's been a while my bad. But It's here now that's what counts right?)
For my new followers who don't know what is going on, This post and it's other half(Part 1) was/is posted in honor of my blog obtaining 50 followers! So, I decided to relive the Fiftieth Hunger Games! (And so on with the 74 and 75 Hunger Games.) Ok, enough  explanation. but you might need to read Part 1 so we can all be on the same page, so to speak. :)
I decided to add some random music to this post in an effort to dilute the horrors we are about to relive. Tell me what you think but please EMAIL me any suggestions you might have! Enjoy!

Let's examine our favorite tributes shall we?(If your favorites our different then mine need help. professional help, and that would be me!) :)
OK, here we go:
Haymitch Abernathy and Maysilee Donner!
That about wraps it up. (If yours WERE different then mine then, we need to talk.)
Let's just get some basic information about them.

Maysilee Donner:
Was the aunt of Madge Undersee and tribute of the Second Quarter Quell.
Age: Unknown (My guess: Around 15 or 16. Maybe even 14.)
Occupation: Tribute
Home: District 12(!!) 
Weapon: Poisoned Darts (Not "poison" darts because she poisoned them herself, remember?)
Fate: Death
Cause: Skewered through the neck multiple times by pink (ironic color) birds with exceptionally long and sharp beaks.

Haymitch Abernathy:
Age: 16
Occupation: Tribute
Home: District 12(!!)
Weapon: Force Field
Fate: Winner

Ok, now that we have the formalities out of the way let's look at the playing field: 
  • Breathtaking(quite literally, so enjoy it while you got it)
  • Gorgeous(enough said...'til you keep reading)
  • Snowcapped mountains that later erupt in lava(what the? where's my life raft?)
  • A Beautiful Forest containing killer fluffy golden squirrels(and not killer in the good way, killer in the painful, permanent way)
  • Elegant yet deadly poisonous butterflies (who could have seen that coming?)
  • Luscious fruit that brings death(I've heard of the angel of death but this is just ridiculous!)note: you are what you eat! muahahahaha!
  • The crystal clear water in the pristine streams is flowing poison(OMG!)
  • The attractive flowers are disguised agents of tortured, agonizing deceasment :) (hold your breath everyone or you'll die!) 
  • Not to mention numerous poisons EVERYWHERE!!! (Ahhh!!!!!)
Oh, and let's not forget:

  • Striking pink neck-skewering birds(I am not even going to laugh at the "striking" irony!...Ok...I am! ahahaha! :) )

  • A secret(and deadly) force field that sends already released axes back into your head!(Now I can really say: Who saw that coming?) 
Whew! I probably would have been one of the 18 that dies the first day. Well not NOW that I've read and know what is poisonous but if not...well: deceasment!(new word! Try and use it sometime!)
I hope you enjoyed our reliving of the past. Tell me what you thought! Yeah, I'm glad I added the music. I know I needed it!(You know you did too!)

I would like to send a shout-out to EVERY SINGLE ONE of my followers!! Thanks you guys! Luv ya! :) And a very special shout-out to all of my commenting followers! (Not showing favoritism just appreciation. ;) )Love your comments! Keep them coming! :)

Don't forget to comment and EMAIL ME YOUR THEORIES! If they involve ANY aspect of the Hunger Games please EMAIL THEM TO ME!!! 
Thanks for reading!

May the odds EVER be in your favor!


Josh Hafen said...

Did you get those character things from me? Did you? DID YOU?
(I'm not being mean, by the way;))

R! said...

What "character things"? I'm confused! Note: I like ur method of interrogation.

Shantz said...

R! that is random music because we are talking about the hunger games ripping people open and stuff. I like it. and one question, how old are you?

R! said...

Y do u want to kno? stalker! :)

Shantz said...

I just want to see how far apart you me and Josh are. :}) (my smiley face has a moustache)

Melanie♥♥♥ said...

OMG I loveeeee the Hunger Games to death!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love that you dedicated this site to it!!! Keep up the good work!!!

Melanie♥♥♥ said...

make more playlists!

Jupiter said...

Love you right back. And the Hunger Games, And Peeta! Also Gale. Sorta, but only cause he's cute.

Freaks, Geeks, Books, and Bimbos said...

Freaks, Geeks, Books, and Bimbo's,
Hey love the blog! Thanks for cheacking ours out. All four of us LOVE the series. Keep it up!

Megan P said...

This is really cool! I love all your ideas for posts. Hunger Games rules forever!!!!! :D

F8WUZL8 said...

(you came to my blog with a welcome and an advertisement) First of all, I absolutly LOVE this series so blogging about it is GREAT!

Second, I love the music, lol. That was the first thing- I was like "Wait a minute, where is that music coming from?"