Thursday, February 4, 2010



I know it's kinda old news (ok, ok it IS old news) but the unnamed Third Book can be pre-ordered on amazon and borders. Check out my previous post Save! Save! Save! for prices. 

My Thoughts: I'm hoping that like Catching Fire it will exceed it's prequel, now that's going to be nearly impossible to do but Suzanne Collins is amazing so we'll see! I definitely have high hopes for this book.

Title: Some have speculated that the title is "The Victors". blech! Come on, really? "The Victors"? I hope not! 
After the excellent title of The Hunger Games and the AMAZING title of Catching Fire, "The Victors" seems to be sort of a letdown. Don't you think?
It's just speculation but still....


Plot: guess is that:
Peeta will rally everyone together and give the awe-inspiring speech before the big battle.(WHOO HOO!!)
Gale will be the captain and lead the charge against the Capitol.
Katniss will be the symbol of defiance to the Capitol as she was in Catching Fire.
District 13 will have inhabitants who will arrive when the resistance needs assistance (that sounded weird!:) )and charge down the hill to the sound of cheering from the rebels. 
Hopefully a hidden hoard of mockingjays will have something to do with the battle. Who knows?

Someone close to Katniss will die. Either Peeta, Gale, Primrose, Haymitch, or Cinna. (NO! He is NOT dead! No man is dead until proven so. He's probably/hopefully on the transport along with Katniss. Keep your fingers crossed! X X X X!)
Katniss will decide either Peeta or Gale. (Suzanne knows who but she isn't talking.) UGH!!

Drawbacks: It comes out in late August. August + late = school for some of us so...take your time August!
The final drawback would have to be the fact that this book signifies the End. The end of this AMAZING series. (Somehow AMAZING just doesn't seem to cover it...) 
I hope that she will write prequels or future sequels or SOMETHING!!! She can't end it! No! PLEASE! :)

Yeah, well that's all for now.

May the odds ever be in your favor!


not just another girl said...

have you considered that maybe peeta has been or will be working for the capitol? he could be or might pretend to be on katniss' side, but then ruin their plan and be the capitols ally. just one of my thoughts, but i do want her to end up with peeta, and i totally agree with gale or him dying, possible even katniss herself.

FluffeeKittee said...

Prediction: Either Gale or Peeta will die in Katniss' arms. Depends on whether Suzanne Collins is going for the whole tragic love story (Peeta dies) or dramatic hero (Gale dies.) Judging by her series the Underland Chronicles which ends incredibly depressingly and disappointingly, I bet Peeta dies. Sob.

R! said...

I agree. either Peeta OR Gale will die dramatically. Hopefully NOT both.
Keep your finger crossed! XXX :)

I did consider Peeta as a Capitol spy. When he schmoozed Haymitch, wanted to train with Katniss, and joined the Careers.
If you ask me it all boils down to either love or kindness. So no I don't believe that he works for the Capitol.
I don't care what they offer me NOW WAY would I compete in the Hunger Games TWICE!!
Would you?
Something to think about...