Thursday, February 18, 2010

Layouts! What Do YOU Think?

I'll be playing around with some blogger layouts so if it looks weird for a moment don't worry you at the right blog! :)
Tell me what you think:  keep it or kick it.
I'll try and capture the whole "foresty" feeling while including yellow red and black which are standard Hunger Games colors. If you have any suggestions please let me know!

May the odds ever be in your favor!


lilyb said...

hey!! i love the layout totally works, these books are soo amazing!! do you know what the third books name is?

molly said...

I like this one! It's so pretty. And more HUNGER GAMES than the last one :P

lilyb! It's Mockingjay =D

R! said...

Hi lilyb!
If you read my previous posts concerning Mockingjay (the third book)you can catch up on what's going on!:)

thnx for ur imput liyb
and molly :P :)

rebecca said...

check out my blog at!

Josh Hafen said...

I can't wait until mockingjay comes out. I think you should put a foresty kind of thing in the background.

R! said...

Excellent suggestion!

I think I've tried like 4 different ones! :)

You all have seen different ones! lolol!

thnx 4 commenting!

Megan P said...

I don't know what the others ones looked like, but I love the one that you have right now! It's so cool! :D

R! said...

Thank you! :)


jenn said...

i like this one a lot. makes me think of catching fire :)