Sunday, February 28, 2010

Mockingjay Countdown! Not Part 2

Just letting you know that if you don't especially prefer the Mockingjay Countdown that I have (:P) there is another version available: 

Here is the link:(traitor!) :)
If you don't like this one then you can "grab" the one I have if you haven't already! :) This one is kinda big so...grab mine! :)
Well, enjoy and keep your fingers crossed!(In hopes that what YOU want to happen WILL happen!) :) 
If you have ANY, I mean absolutely ANY theories please let me know. You can email me at:
Even if you aren't a follower I would LOVE to hear your theories and if you are I DEFINITELY want to hear them! So please! I didn't name this blog HUNGER GAMES series THEORIES for nothing! At least I hope not. But I guess I would have if it's just my theories! Come on! Help me out!
Note:Hunger Games series theorieS. The "S" suggesting (demanding) multiple theories!(from you!)
Ok, is the word "theories" beginning to sound weird to anyone else? Good! Now that it's stuck in your head, send me some!
Thnx for commenting you guys. Keep it up!

May the odds EVER be in your favor!


Jupiter said...

I have a theory:
I think that Gale has been a spy all along, or at least when Katniss started rebelling he was hired, and Katniss will think Peeta is dead so she chooses Gale, but then he tries to kill her, and at the last minute Peeta comes in and together they finish Gale off. (Because Katniss wouldn't just have Peeta do it while she sat there Helpless.) Also, Haymitch was never from District 12. He ran away from 13, as did other people dispersed throughout the districts. I mean, there are people in 13, but they send spies out to other districts. The spies gather up others to help 13. And i think Haymitch has a family in 13, and he gets drunk so much because he doesn't want to worry about them. That's his "Troubled Past".
Also, Haymitch will die, and Peeta and Katniss will name one of their kids after him.

Em Sauer said...

Hi R!
I emailed you a couple of my theories. Did you get them? I also sent you a couple jokes! Enjoy!

R! said...

Thnx u guys!
Jupiter: Very interesting! I LUV ur ideas! Is it ok if I discuss it in a later post?
Em: Thank you I did get them. I never thought of that before! thnx! (the jokes were funny!) :)

Rochelle Blue said...

To tell you the truth, I never really given the thought to my own theory. I have to say, I absolutely love Jupiter's theory though (I was also thinking along the lines of Haymitch being from District 13 and that's the reason why he turns to drinking.)
If you posted about that, I would be very much inclined to reading it.
I forgot if you did a post with your own theories or not...?


R! said...

Yes I do have a post containing my theories on what Mockingjay MIGHT/HOPEFULLY contain.