Friday, February 26, 2010

Mockingjay Countdown Part 1


Only 179 days left! just sayin'. :)
May the odds EVER be in your favor!

P.S. Aren't you excited?!

Note: There will be many such posting where I will randomly announce how many days are left until Mockingjay is released. (Like the countdown's not two inches away! But whatever.)
Don't let that stop you from commenting! :)


Sam said...

lol nice I can't wait for it !!!

Jupiter said...

Can't wait for the hunger games! HG and Harry Potter are my favorite books! Your blog keeps me alive!

Josh Hafen said...

Yay! I liked Peeta more then Gale, and I think one of them will die in Mockingjay. I wonder which one?

R! said...

Hello everyone! thnx 4 commenting.

Sam & Jupiter: I can't wait for Mockingjay either! ahhhhh!
Jupiter: That's good news, I prefer people who are alive. disclaimer: if you are reading this and are not so: no offense.
Josh:Umm, I guess we'll all find out for sure 8.24.10(way 2 long away! ugh) but HOPEFULLY she doesn't kill either. Kill Haymitch. Oh, and Cinna SO better be alive!

The Jedi Masters said...

R! i saw that you got on my blog! and im so excited for mockingjay im already trying to pre-order it!
this is shantz by the way. im at my cousins house and this is his profile.

Randomness said...

Ok how do you get sooo many comments in such a short amount of time????

Josh Hafen said...


IIVU said...

i sooooooo prefer peeta! i like gale too, but peeta is more romantic. what can i say, the romantic boy wins my vote! and also he slept with catnip! yaaaah!

IIVU said...

... my comment was off topic but i dont care! and im not gonna buy mockingjay, im gonna make caleb or shantz lend it to me. ha ha.

R! said...

Jedi Masters: ok shantz that's kind of weird but that is an awesome name! thnx for joining!
Randomness: I was going to say that I have amazing followers but Josh ur answer works to! very funny :)

Randomness said...

Magic...Hmmmm....I need some of that....I only have 8 followers.