Thursday, February 18, 2010

Mockingjay Countdown!

Only 187 days until Mockingjay is released!

I did some more research and it is true there will be absolutely NO ADVANCED READING COPIES of Mockingjay! :( *heart-wrenching sobs* :(
The  only people who MIGHT get it before then would be her son (maybe) and like two of his closest, dearest friends. Which I'm not so....*more heart-wrenching sobs*

Another way for you to get it before everyone else is to either break into her house and hope she has a copy lying around, or you can rob Scholastic and be arrested. (Note: If any of you are considering any of the above mentioned crimes I want in! ;) )

Both of these options are completely illegal and would get you into HEAPS of trouble, not to mention that it's pretty much impossible. 

But who cares about all that! As a hardcore Hunger Games fan I sure don't want Suzanne Collins hating MY guts or YOURS! (Like Stephenie Meyers is/might be/"isn't" hating on "whoever" released Midnight Sun. I know who did but I'm not sure if anyone cares so....Note: Midnight Sun will be an amazing book! IF she ever finishes it! She wants to wait two YEARS after everyone stops talking about it.)

Ok, I sort of got off track. Getting back on...

So the only way for you to LEGALLY obtain a copy of Mockingjay is to wait for it like everyone else. Sorry, I was really looking forward to getting an ARC too. :(

I will keep you guys posted with Mockingjay details as they appear.

Hey, grab the Mockingjay countdown and add it to your blog! Get the word out there and get excited! :)

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May the odds ever be in your favor!


Megan P said...

Lame. August 24th is soooo far away!

Ooh, who DID leak Midnight Sun? I've always wondered...

and I already have the countdown on my blog. =)

Josh Hafen said...

Mock-ing-jay! Mock-ing-jay!

Josh Hafen said...


Danielle said...

Ooo I can't wait! I hope that it will be available on the Kindle2 so i can have it in my hands immediately!! :D

Mrs. DeRaps said...

I'm glad that there are no ARCs for this title. Think about reading it, knowing what happens, and not being able to talk about it with anyone. It's torture waiting for the next book, but at least you know that everyone is waiting with you!

Shantz said...

Wow your blog is awsome!!!! You have been to my friend joshs blog and you have been to the force of chao but i am sad to say it is impossible for you to go to mine unless i know your e-mail. this is shantz and again cool blog!

Josh Hafen said...

Big new at the force of chao!

Rochelle Blue said...

ugh am so not happy right now... August is like a million years away!! I seriously cannot wait that long, but I guess I'm just gonna have too :-)
btw I really like your new background!


R! said...

Thnx Rochelle! :)

R! said...

You can find my email if you view my profile. I would LUV to check out ur blog!