Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Happy Valentine's Day!
I hope you all had a splendid Single's Awareness Day (SAD). For those who are single anyways.In light of the recent holiday I thought that it would be relevant to discuss Hunger Games couples in this post. 

Ok lets see...we have Katniss with either Peeta OR Gale. (who will get her in the end?!?) Obviously, there is plenty of speculation as to who she will choose, but that remains to be seen in Mockingjay. The whole Peeta vs. Gale thing will be addressed in a later post.

From what I've read (and I have read everything.) there doesn't seem to be anything between Cinna and Portia. But who's to say? (well, suzanne collins of course, but she isn't here right now) anyway, with all those hours of staring at fires together, designing correlating costumes, and actually making the designs a reality...who knows? I mean we never saw Peeta coming...ok well maybe we did but not in THAT way.

Haymitch and Effie. well...After that whole wet, slobbery kiss for all of Panem to see, Haymitch backed off. He has his excuses, he was drunk after all.( he fell off the stage remember?) But then what's his excuse for that? He knew that they were coming, maybe/probably that's why he got drunk.
Effie probably has her eye(make that EYES) on some super rich Capitol guy, while Haymitch prefers the solitude and stink of singleness.
Oh well, they could be a good couple. in a way, i guess. But I'm pretty sure Effie would gladly sacrifice half her wig collection rather then step into Haymitch's foul abode.
Hopefully, in the movie they don't mess it up by having ALL these couples going. We have enough with Katniss and either Peeta or Gale!(kinda, I can ALWAYS use more drama but nothing that messes up the storyline.)

Well that's all for now! Don't forget to comment and tell me what you think!

May the odds ever be in your favor!


not just another girl said...

i hope she ends up with peeta. i wouldn't have that much of a problem with gale, but he just hasnt been in the story as much and hasnt been through the games with her. i have the thought that peeta will be a spy for the capitol or maybe double cross and even be katniss' and her teams spy. i think gale may die and she will get to be with peeta but katniss, peeta, or gale im almost certain will die.

FluffeeKittee said...

I'm a die-hard Peeta fan. I loooved Gale at the very beginning of the first novel but then he only reoccurred once at the very end of the second! Not very stupendous character building moments either. Peeta is awesome and he better wind up with her.

Olivia Bradstreet said...

I am totally want Katniss to choose Gale. Peeta is a great guy, but Katniss isn't in love with him.
Go team Gale!!!

Aves Photo said...

Peeta. I really don't like Gale. He seems so...annoying and stuck up. Peeta deserves Katiness