Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hunger Games Names

Hello Everyone!
Sorry about this post it was SO MUCH BETTER with books references and everything but this darn computer wouldn't save it! >:\ 
But hey I did find some fanput (LOL! new word that i JUST made up! use it!;D) on Hunger Games names:
  i was thinking of the names and stuff. Do you know what thresh means? It means to shake out the grains of a plant.(not exactly "shake".) Agriculture, dist. 11! And gale? that's a kind of wind, and Gale has stormy grey eyes? I read this off a fan fic-> Peeta=Pita a type of bread,(duh.) Katniss, some wild potato plant<, and rue and primrose some types of flowers!!!! interesting, isn't it??(yupp.) i dont know about cato, but yeah!
Hmm...(My comments were in parentheses in case u couldn't! ;D) And more fanput(ahaha!):

Glimmer- like a  sparkle on a stone, you know, because district 1 makes things for the Capitol(true.)
Cato- was Roman politician and general who wrote the first history of Rome. As censor he attempted to restore simplicity to Roman life.(what does that have to do with Cato? u lost me...)
Clove- could be a flower, or a type of bulb, as in garlic clove, but my personal theory is that her name is clove, as in, to cleave.(i like this one! she cut Katniss' face remember?)
Foxface- she is a type of fish. I don't get this, because district 3 is fishing, not five. I think Kat means that she's sly as a fox, and looks like one, too.(that's what she said!)
Thresh-to separate the grain or seeds from a cereal plant (cereal? what country are you from again?) or the like by some mechanical means, (correct.) as by beating with a flail or by the action of a threshing machine. (agriculture, this is so cool)
Rue- is a small yellow or white flower
Katniss- is actually a plant, but i don't think it grows in america
Prim- primrose is a flower that comes in a variety of colors. Generally, it's pretty small, too
Cinna- like cinnamon? Or cinema?(whoa! not THAT'S stretching it! :D)
Everdeen- sounds suspicously like evergreen(yes it does...)
Gale- a wind, kinda matches him huh? Quick, and easy to make mad. (i don't know about THAT.)
hawthorne- a tree 
Do YOU have any ideas about HG names? Send them to me! :D I would LUV to hear what you think!

May the odds EVER be in your favor!


Shantz said...

lol that is very funny. Sorry I haven't commented lately. I have only had time to do mini posts on my blog. Have you been there lately? You are doing a great job on a hunger games website (blog). I have tons of friends who want to know more about hunger games so I am telling them to come here. Keep up the good work! ;)

R! said...

thanks Shantz! no, not really i've been doing mini posts too.;) my comp is REALLY acting up, not saving, freezing, and just being a pain overall! ;D thanks, HG fans must conquer the world!muahaha! ;D

Shantz said...

lol chapter twelve is out you should read it.
P.S. tons of people I told are coming to this blog and love it. (should I do capitols?) LOVE it.

Annie Dronet said...

This is pretty awesome! and alot of them make sense! I appsolotly love it!:D

R! said...

thanks i thought they were pretty cool too! :D

AshiTomo said...

A lot of the names are from Julius Ceaser. IM SO WORRIED FOR CINNA!!!

AshiTomo said...
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R! said...

hi ashi!
yh so am i!!! cinna's great! he NEEDS to be alive!

mira ann dowe said...

wow... im kind of suprised that it took some people to work this out in more than a second. thresh, foxface, cato, gale, peeta, rue, prim, (katniss did mention that they were names of flowers...) and every other name. and i mean, even panem. it used to be an airline. pan-em. pan as in spread, em, as in EMerica. spread over america. not that hard to figure out. great books, not the best names.

Aimee said...

Have you noticed that most of the people in the capitol have like Roman names. Theres Ceaser, Claudius, Venia, Octavia, Flavius, Cinna, etc. SOme straight out of Julius Ceaser (Roman), who the book has a bit to do with cause of the gladiators and stuff. Then there's Glimmer, whose obviously named after the whole jewellery thing. Also, panem et circenses is latin, and is literally translated to "bread and circuses" or "bread and games". Gives you a lot to think about...