Thursday, May 20, 2010

Mockingjay and Spain

Ok, so I just heard a rumor...A horrible one. Concerning Mockingjay! What else? I was told by a friend who lives in Spain that the rain stays mainly in the plain. (Ok, only those of you who have seen "My Fair Lady" got that. Everyone else probably thinks I'm insane. ;D ) No, she lives in Spain and she was telling me that we are so lucky since we get Mockingjay in August. I was kinda like "Wha? Don't you get it in August too?" Nope. they don't they get it until....are you ready for this?
JANUARY 2011!!!
OMG! Is that depressing or what? JANUARY! Now I don't feel so bad about waiting until August...
That's horrible, I'm sorry! Shout out to EVERYONE who has to wait longer then I do for it! My heart goes out to you! I'll can email it to you guys I guess...(Is that legal?) Idk, but it's better then waiting! (As long as it's legal of course.) ;D
And for the rest of us who only have to wait another 95 days. (Yes, i did say ONLY.) They have to wait around 100 days more! AHHHH! Be strong! It will be out before you know it!

May the odds EVER be in your favor!


R@y-R@y said...

OH I love My Fair Lady! And I'm sorry for all the people who have to wait, spesh if they have my patience....

R! said...

Yeah me too...:'( I <3 'My Fair Lady'!

Shantz said...

I feel bad for the peeps who have to wait longer.

Megan P said...

Wow! I totally forgot that people in other countries have to wait LONGER. (and I even know how they feel, the third book in a trilogy I love came out in the UK in May, but doesn't come out here in the US until September!)